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Nov 24, 2010

"Together", the Published Fanfic (like, actually)

Togetherness was their strength and raison d'etre from the moment I first saw them, when they were barely out of puberty.

Tessa and Scott are more in harmony than any two people of their age and opposite sexes that I have ever met. They do love each other more than most romantic couples I know, even the most freshly-minted ones. Their respect for one another is off the charts and they are acutely aware of each other's presence all the time, mentally, physically and emotionally.

I watched first-hand as they applied their unique similarities and stimulating differences to an area which was completely new to them: the undefinable “it.”

It is incredible to experience.

She was lying on a bench at a practice rink near Vancouver. Then they become like two surfers sharing the same board, in a way which is so chemical, so psychic, so reliable, it cannot be fully captured by anyone else.

It was incredibly intense and intimate, even better in private than in public.

We were that zoned in — and they more than I.

All text from, recontextualized by myself. Seriously, how did this drivel get published? The writing is purple and gushing, on par with the more asinine self-insert Mary Sue fanfics. 

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