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Sturm und drang
In which I pay tribute to my #1 favorite pairs long program of all time

God and Gold: the Sport that Believes
In which I muse about Christian imagery 

Alexei Yagudin, Revolutionary Etude
In which I rave about an underrated Alexei Yagudin classic

Stephane Lambiel, Spanish Caravan
In which I adore an early Stephane Lambiel masterpiece

Voodoo: The Darker Side of Figure Skating
In which I write an exposé about the use of the Dark Arts in figure skating

The Truth About Lambiel
In which I accuse Stephane Lambiel of plastic surgery

Current blog muse: Yuzuru Hanyu
Te amo
In which the planets align for the first time

Romeo, oh Romeo
In which I gush about Yuzuru Hanyu's Romeo and Juliet 1.0

Paradigm Shifts
In which I ponder the meaning of le coeur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connaît point

A Memory of the Smell of Smoke
In which I liken my attitude towards Yuzuru Hanyu to that of a divorce

A Rose by Any Other Name
In which I denounce Yuzuru Hanyu

Be Still My Heart
In which I see the light again

On Ecstatic Experience
In which I write a rebuttal of sorts to 'A Rose by Any Other Name'