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Nov 26, 2010

Trophee Eric Bompard Day 1 (abbreviated) Recap: Mao Asada

Again, another near-dental ordeal from Mao Asada today at the Trophee Eric Bompard ladies SP. Bizarre fall on the 3A (probably underrotated), fall on the flip....Miss Asada's downward spiral is painful to watch for even the most die-hard Yunabot (probably). Jumping issues aside, Miss Asada's speed--or lack thereof--is equally alarming.

One wonders why Miss Asada chooses to pursue the 3A at a time when her jumps clearly are not up to scratch. Surely it would be much more effective if Miss Asada would limit her jumping passes in the SP to the jumps it appears she can land with some consistency--for example, a 3T-2T, 3Lo and 2A SP, or even 3T-3T, 3Lo and 2A. If Carolina Kostner is able to win competitions without 3Fs or 3Lzs, then Miss Asada surely can as well, especially in the context of the watered down technical content the top ladies posess today.

Will Miss Asada get her act together by Japanese Nationals this December like last year? It is difficult to imagine the Japanese ladies team without the reigning World Champion, but it is looking more and more likely with every jumping pass Miss Asada botches yet again....

But then again, Miss Asada is clearly not an early-season skater. Here's to Miss Asada proving me wrong and peaking at Worlds again this season!

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