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Apr 26, 2011

Yu-Na Kim's Giselle: A First Peek

The unveiling of one of this season's most anticipated programs: Yu-Na Kim's Giselle.

Full review will come after the competition of course, but some quick preliminary thoughts I have so far after watching this practice clip. I can't help but think that this SP more follows than breaks the trend of less-than-inspiring ladies SPs this season. I'm glad that David Wilson used some of the more dramatic cuts in Giselle as I feel Miss Kim is one of the few female skaters who can convincingly pull off the more fierce, powerful types of music very well but the choreography is on the whole seems fairly pedestrian and not quite up to the very high standards set by Miss Kim's past short programs such as Tango de Roxanne and Danse Macabre. Not sure what's with the stomach-grabbing before the double axel, for example, and the short program as a whole doesn't appear to be a major stylistic departure as advertised. Skating-wise, Miss Kim's speed and ice coverage look very good and should even be better when Miss Kim is in full competition mode. Jumps also look great as well.

My quibbles aside, Miss Kim's Giselle so far still looks to be one of the better ladies SP this season and it should be enough to give her a good lead over the competition. I sense a second world title on the horizon.....


  1. I guess I was just expecting more from her, but I will wait to judge until the competition. My real problem is the footwork - it's too slow/doesn't match the music/you could swap any dramatic piece in there and it would have the same effect. Hopefully she sells it in the competition, though.

  2. Slow footwork - u mad? you just haven't see it live, she's flying

  3. By slow footwork I do not mean the speed she carries across the ice, but the speed in which she does her steps. In my opinion, the music calls for faster steps, which is why Giselle is such a hard piece to skate to, but that's just my opinion.