Irrelevant Information

Apr 30, 2011

Get your freak on

Scott in black
Tessa in Fake Bake
This program is hot
But all those music cuts make my head ache.

Although Virtue/Moir deserved the silver to Davis/White's gold, Virtue/Moir thoroughly trounce their teammates when it comes to the je ne sais quoi of heat and passion. Although I have not been the most avid fan of Virtue/Moir in the past, I very much enjoyed this particular FD even if the cohesion of the dance could be improved. So sit back, light a cigarette and play the voyeur--it's worth it.


  1. Very nice, however I do not like the ponytail look on Tessa for this - the up do at 4CC was better, IMO. The pony tail reminds me of Phaneuf for some reason...

  2. It's the much too severe slick-backed hair. Not to mention Tessa's fake tan, which brings her skin tone rather close to Cynthia Phaneuf's....

  3. I was thrilled by their FD!!! It was so sexy and classy and difficult and fast and just wow!!!!!
    Yeah I didn't really like the ponytail look either, I thought she looked like Silvia Fontana, rather than Phaneuf...but of course, when she started moving, Silvia disappeared right away^^
    Tessa&Scott were amazing, as usual^^