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Dec 1, 2011

Morozombie Hall of Infamy: Sergei Voronov, circa 2011

O i c wat u did thar, Mr. Morozov. Suspiciously familiar costume, suspiciously familiar concept, suspiciously familiar music cuts (Leoncavallo's Pagliacci, with both programs ending with the famous Vesti la giubba aria), and rather fortuitously (or not), a suspiciously familiar event. Well, at least Sergei Voronov's program doesn't begin with Send in the Clowns too. And their ending poses are different!

Sergei Voronov, 2011 Cup of Russia LP (skip to 2:11 for the most relevant bits):

Adam Rippon, 2008 Cup of Russia LP: (skip to about 2:38 if you want to go directly to the familiar bits).

I wonder if Mr. Voronov has noticed this....especially since he was competing at the Cup of Russia in 2008 too.

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