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Jun 27, 2012

'A bit saucy'

Two videos chronicling some of the most crucial moments of figure skating history, from Alexander Fadeev's jockstrap to Vanessa Riley's famously 'independent' marking style to the spectacle of Annick Dumont, Didier Gailhaguet and Surya Bonaly in the kiss-and-cry. A must-watch for any person who professes to be a fan of figure skating (or a sense of humor, for that matter)!

Some videos for context:

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  1. The jockstrap fluff, an evergeen if there ever was one. :D From our all-time most favourite decade: the 80s! From a time when the British judge marked French skaters 0.4 lower on principle only. Good times these were. Probably Fadeev's best skate ever and one of my favourite Men's LPs from that era. That jockstrap made Fadeev immortal, more so than any of his titles.