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Jun 15, 2012

Morozombie Hall of Infamy: Takeshi Honda, circa 2003

Riverdance my ass!

Though Irish stepdancing in the context of skating will understandably not be a perfect facsimile of the original, an excess of crossovers and gliding around does not a Riverdance program make.

Plus, those final straightline steps are just ludicrous.

Compare that with Mr. Honda's far superior pre-Morozov programs like Aranjuez: 

I weep.


  1. Those were the days. The Riverdance franchise was still somewhat cool and paying toe-step homage to Yagudin was en vogue.

    The funny thing is, normally I would think of how the coach/choreographer can make the skater look good or better through his work. In Mr. Morozov's case it's the other way around, I tend to ask myself: has the skater enough innate qualities to look good despite N.M.'s efforts?

    1. Very true, very true.

      It's really sad because I think Mr. Morozov definitely has some real talent as a choreographer. I truly loved some of the programs he's choreographed in the past...but now all I feel towards the vast majority of his programs is revulsion and/or indifference.

    2. Do you know who could, at this point of his career, only benefit from going to Morozov? My once favourite skater Tomas Verner. Anything that gets him out of this limbo he entered after (or slightly before) Vancouver. Even recycled Morozov programmes can't be more ill-suited to his style and personality than, for example, what he got for an SP last year.

    3. I suppose it couldn't hurt at this point of his career....Nikolai Morozov seems to do best with skaters who have strong personalities out on the ice, and Mr. Verner is certainly one of those skaters.