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Jul 12, 2012

681958171385th Lambiel Adoration Post

How to win my everlasting adoration in several easy steps, a video guide featuring Stephane Lambiel:

1) Convincingly skate to Gotan Project at the tender age of sixteen

2) Pander to my inner lovelorn thirteen-year-old self

3) Actually take show skating seriously after retiring from competition

4) Be a twinkly hot mess Prince Charming-cum-Christmas elf

5) Actually, just be a hot mess. Beelzebeb knows my penchant for Arteestes with questionable jumps/competitive nerves...

...but then again, that just makes those 'on' performances all the more special.


  1. Very Good <post - and Wonderfull Stéphane performances ..... but I can't and I don't want to win my everlasting adoration and Love for The King of the Ice he he he

  2. he God ! Your formspring fellows are waiting for you !