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Oct 12, 2012

Morozombie Hall of Infamy: Grushina/Goncharov, circa 2006

I don't know what offends me most in this free dance: the plodding step sequences, the point-grubbing blade-grabby lifts or Ms. Grushina's tassels.

How this program won an Olympic medal, I do not know.

For a palate cleanser, here is a far superior free dance set to The Feeling Begins:

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  1. Sorry for commenting so late, but I've only recently discovered your blog ;)

    I am not sure what truly makes me want to contemplate throwing myself off a cliff more when I think back to that complete Ice Dancing debacle at Torino 2006: the fact that they got on the podium with this program or the fact that they were on the podium instead of Del/Scho and/or Denkova/Staviski (mind you, I think these two teams deserved the podium more than any of the medalists, but let's not get on THAT soapbox)