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Feb 13, 2013

Matters of the Heart

Spice up your Valentine's Day this year with some extremely romantic skating-themed Valentine's Day cards!

Caveat emptor: I, Morozombie, take no responsibility if your significant other(s) runs away from you screaming in terror and/or revulsion.

Michal Brezina potato image courtesy of the indomitable


  1. Lol! Dying laughing at the Be My #4!!

  2. Well done, I love the Nobu and Morozov ones. :D

  3. I have tried my hands on a few myself now and noticed that, quite invariably, you tend to come up with a lot of funny stuff which is absolutely unpostable for various reasons. So, let me ask you, dear Morozombie: Are there hidden Valentine's gems you created but dare not post?

  4. I literally LOLED at them all.

    except Fernández - Javi needs no catchphrase- he's a dreamboat already ;).

  5. That Oda card just made me die a little on the inside :)

  6. Morozombie, you are too funny! I love Hanyu's (actually I've already seen so many fans who've expressed that they would love to be his Pooh), Patrick's, and Oda's. Oda's is hilarious.