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Mar 21, 2013

Morozombie Hall of Infamy: Florent Amodio, 2011

If we ever bury a time capsule and put in it objects we deem necessary to warn future generations against, three things from the year 2011 should be included: Rebecca Black's "Friday," one pair of US size 14 distressed jeggings, and a video of Florent Amodio's Bésame Mucho/Rio long programs from the 2011 Japan Open and Grand Prix season.

Clearly, it is time to officially induct Mr. Amodio's long program from the first half of last season to the Morozombie Hall of Infamy.

I've ranted about this program already, so I'll just for itself. Here it is at the 2011 Japan Open:

And then came the lime green accoutrements and tiger print ass patch during the Grand Prix, so tasteful:

But frankly, what makes this...program...(to put it loosely!) such loathsome rubbish is not just the costume, but there's also the luridly disjointed music cuts, as well as the fact that the program is basically devoid of any choreography or engagement with the music outside of the smarmy step sequences and the asshat posing. What the fuck was Nikolai Morozov thinking when he "choreographed" this piece of crap? Oh right, he probably wasn't thinking. TYPICAL.

Anyway, watching this program, my emotions consistently fluctuate between withering scorn and second-hand embarrassment. In other words, it's A+ Morozombie Hall of Infamy material.

*sorry readers, I'm on a huge BLAME MOROZOV warpath right now and am barely restraining myself from publishing all the angry anti-Morozov rants posts I wrote in the past 24 hours bemoaning all the skaters he's ruined for me.


  1. ah, don't apologize. morozov clearly has his head in his undies. he probably doesn't even wear undies, as it's probably more convenient for him.

  2. What precipitated the current Blame Morozov campaign? Not that I'm opposed to such a thing, I'm just curious about the timing and the specific causes.

    The saddest thing about this is that Amodio was, and still is a wonderfully talented and musical skater, but Morozov is not nurturing that talent at all. Such a pity that such a lovely skater is given mediocre and/or vulgar material. And Amodio can't see it - he told Absolute skating that "Oh yes, I feel he is a perfect coach! For me it's like - we have a unique connection" and also "I'm like his skater son. It's an emotional bond we have between us. My career is with him!"

    Maybe the disappointing showing at Worlds will cause the FFSG to *encourage* some changes.

    At least Amodio was not made to skate something as bad as Ghost.

  3. That's getting bored. You hate Morozov, we get it. But every other post on this topic is just too much