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Apr 8, 2016

A Prediction

Based on past history, there is an 80% chance that Boyang Jin will be the 2018 Olympic champion in the men's discipline.

Or the 2022 Olympic champion (he's definitely young enough . . . ).

Be afraid. Be very afraid!!


  1. One can only hope that by the time he wins the Olympics, his skating will be considerably better than it is today.

  2. Oh absolutely please NO. This guy ain't got any artistry. His posture and movements are rigid and he has got the elegance of a robot and the emotive ability of a statue. He hasn't got Yuzu's elegance, flow and musicality, nor Javi's ability to be fun and charismatic, nor Pchiddy's skating skills and speed, nor even Shoma's intensity.

    But given that he has such insane TES, if he ever improves PCS-wise (both in score and in reality), I do agree that he is very dangerous.