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Feb 17, 2018

Yuzuru Hanyu, 2014 and 2018 Olympic Champion

An extraordinary victory for an extraordinary skater.


My cheeks literally hurt from smiling so much; recap hopefully coming in the near future! Too busy celebrating at the moment...


  1. First thing I did after calming down from all the excitement is go to your website... XD I always waited for your review ^^

  2. I'm so happy for him, and i will wait for your review��

    If you don't mind, i want to ask you about him recycling his program. A lot of people said that it is a shame that he got gold for seimei, which he had done for more than 5 times although with different layout. Is it a really bad thing?

    1. No, it's not a bad thing. The people making such remarks don't like Hanyu and will always find something to criticize him over. Skaters recycle programs all. the. time.

  3. He spilled the beans finally about his injury. As it turned out, his ankle was in fact NOT HEALED. He's been on painkillers while skating the whole time. I can't even. I am so proud but I am also so very worried. I wish he'd rest for a bit.

  4. Was he injured, what, in November?? I'd never ever thought he'd make a grand comeback like this. I'd been feeling bad for him, like, ah, he got what he wanted at such a young age at Sochi, maybe it was the universe telling him it was time to make room for the younger guys. I was genuinely stunned, aghast, gobsmacked to see him suddenly roar back and command the ice like he did. He's a bit of a conundrum, an enigma to me. His incongruity never ceases to amaze moment he looks so delicate, sometimes childlike sometimes too pretty to be a man, and next moment he becomes like a demon, he hits the ice, something takes over, so utterly fierce and determined.

    Anyway I'm so looking forward to your review!!

  5. Hanyu is still injured:
    yuzuru: i really just took painkillers. it would've been good if i could get an x-ray, but i couldn't. so, i just kept taking [painkillers]. i don't know my condition. all I can say for sure is that without painkillers, i'm in no condition to attempt clean jumps, or even smile.
    yuzuru: i don't know the details of my injury. i did get it examined, and the ligament was damaged. it's complicated, and i don't understand it well. i feel all different types of pain, and i don't really know what's hurting how much or what the best method of treatment is.
    But he wants to continue and go for 4A
    yuzuru: time for treatment is a necessity. in terms of motivation, i have no thoughts of wanting to quit skating. above all, my motivation comes from 4A (laughs). i've won what i wanted and done what i had to. now, i want to make the goal (not dream) i had as a kid come true.

  6. it's always a special thing when your blog entries are so short and happy given how wonderful and verbose your writing usually is - yuzuru does have a way to robbing people of words and only leaving happy emotions. looking forward to reading your thoughts ( :

  7. Looking forward to your reading your blog post soon. Mr Hanyu is indeed very good at making us smile a bit too much.

  8. I hope your recap is still coming! I love reading your insightful commentary and thoughts.