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Nov 29, 2010

The Queen's Middle Finger

In a press release today, Yu-Na Kim revealed the music that she will skate to this season at the 2011 World Championships: Adophe Adam's Giselle and a montage of Korean traditional music, including Arirang, for her LP.

By issuing this press release, Miss Kim confirmed that she will indeed be participating in the World Championships, contrary to the predictions of many.

Personally, I am loving the fact that Miss Kim is skating to these pieces of music as she just seems to be giving the giant metaphorical middle finger to her critics. Skating to music from the famous ballet Giselle? Militant skating fanatics who constantly harp on Yu-Na's lack of pointed toes and mediocre extension would faint from mortification! Skating to the extremely famous "homage to her home country" Korean folk song Arirang smack-dab in Tokyo, the capital of Japan? Demented nationalistic Japanese anti-Kim fans would explode in fury!

Like her or not, ladies figure skating is definitely more interesting with Miss Kim around.

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  1. ITA, can't wait to see her programmes in March, miss her so much:)
    ...and I hope she wins!^^
    and I couldn't stand it if Kostner got on the podium without a flip and a lutz....:S