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Aug 5, 2011

Good-night, sweet prince

And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest

Mr. Lambiel sure knows how to work them fangirls. Case in point: his Romeo and Juliet exhibition.

In a way, one could argue that this exhibition is perhaps a bit too much--the Swiss Prince + Rota's Romeo and Juliet + Josh Groban + a rose(!!)--but all is forgiven and forgotten in the face of such quality skating underneath all the artifice. In light of this, even the most cynical and cranky among us can safely succumb to what has undoubtedly been Mr. Lambiel's only goal all along: to make us swoon.


  1. Dear Morozombie,
    I always read your posts with pleasure! Especially the one about the windmills I found very funny, because I am Dutch. This time I would like to draw your attention on a more inspiring performance from Lambiels Romeo and Juliet, in which he is not hampered by injuries: Enjoy!

  2. Thank you, and thank you for the link!